This is Fantomacs - Joerg Peters ( Fantomacs)

'Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.'

-Charlie Parker

 Joerg Peters widely known as Fantomacs Over the last eight years Fantomacs born in Berlin and currently working in Switzerland, has had a number of new releases including singles/EPs/albums. In his songs the borders of the genres of electro, ambient & chillout melt together and are combined with jazzy or sometimes funky elements that are skillfully woven with innovative grooves. Other talented musicians appear as "featured guests" and add their talents to the songs.

Fantomacs began his musical instruction at the age of 8, first in the classical sector, later on jazz, blues and other styles were included, which laid the musical foundation for his current forms of expression. From the first instrument piano to the most contemporary synth workstations, musical expression possibilities have grown steadily.

Now let's get back to the main focus. This is Fantomacs is such a playlist where All non-boring EDM, electro-jazz, house, ambient & chillout music from Fantomacs  in a single compilation. 
So let's get back to song. The very first song I wanna recommend is Aus Silber wird Gold. This is an awesome song released by  Fantomacs and Ralf Gremmer. The music starts with a exclusive bass and beat. After that a soft drum plays comes which is really great to hear. The whole music consists of beautiful and soothing voice. Thus i recommend you to hear the song with Headphones on. 

Let's move into Mensch now. This song is also released by Fantomacs and Ralf Gremmer. This song is also very soothing. Starting of the song feels like a buttery Piano. The movement of the piano was melting my heart. This is definetly a masterpiece !

Riding the Waves - Fantomacs and Heidi Marlen Grau , this release is also a noteable one from This is Fantomacs . This is a really unique release from them. A peaceful voice with peaceful instrumental sounds. It felt like the instruments wanted to express their feelings to the world. 

Next song gonna talk about is Into The Light  (extended version) , released by Fantomacs
It is a whole instrumental song. Trust me if you are having mood swings , this music is definitely gonna lift your mood up. I feel like am high on sky , riding the clouds , alone but enjoying the best company. 

I have already talked about Ataraxia right? But this version am talking about is Radio Edit. This is as interesting as the extended version. listen to it ! Show the love to it the way you showed for the extended version .

With more exciting new coming on the way, I hope to see his name floating around a lot more. For the time being, check out Fantomacs's playlist "This is Fantomacs" which available to stream on Spotify. Links are given below!






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