I'll find my way to you - Fantomacs

 Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. 

There's nothing new to tell about Fantomacs. We all are aware of his talent and hard work. He is always there to the world bringing quality content as a living legendary musician, keyboardist , producer and so on. 

Today am here to talk about his new release. I am astonished with how his cover of
Elderbrook's "I'll Find My Way To You' turned out. As major fans of the original,
this is an interesting take, but one that fully does it justice and imparts the artist's
own signature sound into the mix. Of course, I am recommending everyone check it
out as soon as possible

The song starts and continues with very interesting beats and piano works. Most
exciting part is the vocal of a soothing singer. It really creates a vibe. Check out the
music :

Show your love to the music and keep supporting Fantomacs like always. For now time to say bye but will be back with more within time. 


Email- nupom0033@gmail.com


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